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Our Mission

About Us

Lev Simcha is a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading happiness and providing entertainment to those in need. Our mission is to bring a smile to every face and bring joy into the lives of those we serve. Whether we're entertaining with music and dance or simply providing comfort through companionship, our goal is to make a positive impact in the lives of those in need.

Our Founders

Lev Simcha was founded by Chuny Zilber in Monsey, NY in 2016, and later expanded to Borough Park, NY in 2019 by Chaim Zanvel Gantz. Both founders shared a passion for improving the well-being of hospitalized patients by providing them with high-quality entertainment and companionship services.

Our Patients

Over the past few years, Lev Simcha has had a significant impact on the community, providing happiness and joy to hundreds of patients and their families. The organization's dedication to improving the lives of those in need has made a lasting impression on the community.

Our Volunteers

Lev Simcha's team of over 200 dedicated volunteers provides 24/7 entertainment services, including singing, dancing, companionship, and patient transport, to patients in hospitals, rehab centers, and homes in Brooklyn. They offer both overnight and midday shifts to patients who do not have anyone to be with them in the hospital, to ensure that they receive proper care and attention. Additionally, the organization provides music groups for ill patients to make them happy and sometimes emotional.

At Lev Simcha, we believe that everyone deserves to be happy, and our team of volunteers is passionate about making a difference in the lives of those we serve. By joining us, you can be a part of something special and help bring happiness to those who need it most. Whether you're a volunteer or a supporter, you can play a role in spreading joy and making a positive impact in your community. Get involved with Lev Simcha today and be a part of something truly special.

Join our family

By the Numbers


proud volunteers

Join our team of dedicated volunteers who selflessly give their time and energy to bring joy and entertainment to patients in hospitals, rehab centers, and homes throughout Brooklyn. Our volunteers are the heart of our organization, and we couldn't do it without them.


overnight shifts

Our commitment to providing 24/7 entertainment services, including overnight shifts, ensures that no one has to face difficult times alone. We understand the importance of being there for patients and their families during all hours of the day and night.


volunteer hours

With thousands of volunteer hours contributed and counting, every hour makes a difference. We are grateful to our volunteers for their dedication and hard work. Whether it's a few hours a week or overnight shifts, every moment spent bringing joy to patients is invaluable.


happy patients

In the last few years, Lev Simcha has truly made a difference in our community, bringing happiness and joy to many patients and their families. Their commitment to helping those in need has left a lasting impact on everyone around.

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